Guy's I can't wait to get Black Ops II. When I first heard people talking about it I was like: I GOT TO GET IT!!!!

Personal Shadow Radical Highway

I don't know why but I saw this in the wiki photos. Possibly a user profile picture.

When will I get it. On my B-Day! Witch is on Wensday!

It's Sunday now!!!!!

I live near a GameStop so I can't wait. I am also going to be getting equipment on my B-Day for making videos on YouTube for Call of Duty and Black Ops II.

My channel name is Roohihi234 just like this one.

I am also trying my best to win the AddictingGames Stickathon first prize so I can record you guys videos. I do every thing requested. And I also need help on getting subscribed and video views for YouTube Partner Ship so I can make my videos better for you.

Until then PEACE!!!!!!!!

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