• RoryReloaded

    Tangenting completely from my usual theme of satirising the ridiculous inflation in usage of certain weapons, I've decided to catalogue a trio of perk combinations which might prove useful to you.

    Note that these are of my opinion only and may differ from your hardline COD-first opinions which are results of continuous days studying play strategies (and growing a beard from not getting up off the lounge.)

    A Sniper's Dream

    Simple: equip Blind Eye, Assassin, and Dead Silence. Blind Eye will stop you from being targeted by any annoying helicopters or sentry guns in the rare times that your Vitamin-D deficient sniper skin sees the light of day (thanks to your in-game character being inside all the time). Assassin, the biggest help here, stops tho…

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  • RoryReloaded

    The recent patch has brought two things which are game changing: the first one would be the Striker losing a pellet. So our trusted shotgun has now been nerfed to kingdom come (but idiots still use them.)

    And the second one... is that the USAS and the KSG have actually been buffed. Now they have an extra pellet.

    I know what you're thinking now: "Oh, well, they sucked before, what's one pellet going to do?" Well, you are extremely mistaken if you think that.

    You see, since that patch came out, USASs and KSGs are the only things anyone is using. I forgot the last time I saw something that wasn't a shotgun. Yes, MP7s and PPs (and the fledgeling P90s) are still sighted, but it's just not the same anymore: it's all just those two shotguns (and the…

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  • RoryReloaded

    PP90M1, anyone?

    January 25, 2012 by RoryReloaded

    Well, this is beginning to get ridiculous.

    There has been a massive surge in the amount of people running around with PP90M1s (which includes me, I spent my first Prestige token on the helical baby) and it's really getting out of hand.

    You will find PP90M1s with various attachments, proficiencies and camouflages all over the floor every match (wonderful - I don't need Scavenger anymore!) and it's how people turn the tables of FFA matches: switch to your SMG class after much trauma caused by other PP90M1s and let rip.

    In fact, SMGs have seen more prominence as a whole in this new metagame - UMPs, MP7 s and (the Godly) PP90M1s litter the floors, the character models, and the golden camouflage market. Where have shotguns gone? Where's the beauti…

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