• Russki1

    Favorite Sniper Rifle?

    March 5, 2010 by Russki1

    I'm taking a poll on what sniper rifle players prefer. I will post average percentage results in another post after I get enough data. My favorite is the Intervention. I always liked the bolt action rifles, and think that they are easier to use ACOG scopes on. I prefer FMJ, however, due to the looming potential for a collateral or triple. The Barrett is OK, but it has too much recoil, which ends up decreasing accuracy at range. The WA2000 and M21 EBR are both too weak for me. If it takes a sniper more than one shot to kill someone, they generally lose any advantage they had over spray-happy Assault Rifle players with ACOG scopes that tend to populate the same maps. That's just my opinion-give me yours!

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  • Russki1

    Just Created Account

    March 2, 2010 by Russki1

    Hi, just joining the Call of Duty Wiki community. I currently play Modern Warfare 2 on Playstation 3. My PSN I.D. is Russki1 also. Feel free to friend me or send me more messages.

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