Ever seen people trolling the life out of Call of Duty: Black Ops? Well I think these arguments are stupid. Black ops is a good game IMO. I don't care if YOU dont like it, but I do. Here's a list of why I think the arguments are stupid.

1: I play it and it's fun. None of that "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW FAMAS NOOOOOB!!!! H4X H4X H4X." If you dont like it don't play it!

2:The 4 "Noob" guns. (AUG, AK74u, FAMAS,Galil) Use them. There now it's not that bad is it?

3: Lag? I only lag when my router screws up. Which happens on other games too...

4: People complain about the Spy Plane being OP with Hardline. You can do the EXACT SAME THING IN MW2. Why didn't they complain earlier?

5: Again. Why didn't people complain earlier? Ghost. It's in other games. Just with other names.

Add more if you want!

Ryan8r The 1337 21:19, August 14, 2011 (UTC)

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