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  • I live in England
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  • RyanB99

    Okay, so lots of people have said they'd like to see a movie or TV show of Zombies. A lot of people have posted their ideas online and that's just what I'm doing. I've been working on this for a few years now. Now, this is just my idea for how Zombies could be made into a MOVIE. I did consider how it could be done as a TV Show, but with the likes of Walking Dead, I thought it wouldn't stand out as a TV Show, and with not many decent zombie movies, I thought this would be better as a movie. And of course not just one movie. The zombies story is too complex to be put into one movie. My idea would be to make a trilogy of Zombies movies. I wouldn't name these movies 'Zombies' as that seems a bit too simple and bland, so I took the title of oneā€¦

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