Okay, so lots of people have said they'd like to see a movie or TV show of Zombies. A lot of people have posted their ideas online and that's just what I'm doing. I've been working on this for a few years now. Now, this is just my idea for how Zombies could be made into a MOVIE. I did consider how it could be done as a TV Show, but with the likes of Walking Dead, I thought it wouldn't stand out as a TV Show, and with not many decent zombie movies, I thought this would be better as a movie. And of course not just one movie. The zombies story is too complex to be put into one movie. My idea would be to make a trilogy of Zombies movies. I wouldn't name these movies 'Zombies' as that seems a bit too simple and bland, so I took the title of one of the Zombie maps and thought it would be a good name for the trilogy: "CALL OF THE DEAD". Okay, so this Call of the Dead trilogy would exclude the maps: Mob of the Dead, Origins, Green Run, Nuke Town, Buried, and Die Rise (I may have missed one or two out). Instead, the trilogy would center on the four original characters: Tank Dempsey, Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki. The story of this trilogy would on how the four original characters get from Shi No Numa to Moon over the course of the three movies. I excluded Origins because it was set in World War I and it was the only one set in World War I, where as Shi No Numa and Der Riese were set in World War II. Each movie would take place in a different time period, as the four characters time jump from different maps. The first movie would be set at the end of World War 2. The second movie would be set during the Cold War, not long after the Cuban Missile Crisis. And finally, the third movie would be set in either 2012 or 2013. Each movie would be formatted very similar to the way Quentin Tarantino done his movies "Kill Bill" and "Inglorious Bastards", in five chapters. Keep in mind these are only summaries of the movies and their chapters. There may a few mistakes here and there. Please leave any comments below if any of this sounds wrong or any suggestions. This isn't the full detail story, just the basic plot. I've got everything worked out more or less. So, without further a do, here are the synopses and chapters for my individual ideas of the CALL OF THE DEAD TRILOGY:

Call of the Dead 1

MOVIE PLOT: - at the end of World War 2, three culturally diverse soldiers suffering from amnesia must follow the lead of a sadistic Nazi doctor in order to survive against hordes of blood-thirsty zombies and dig deep into the dark roots of their creation. 

CHAPTER 1: SHI NO NUMA - an American marine, a Russian sergeant, a Japanese imperial and a Nazi doctor find themselves stranded in the middle of a bug-infested swamp on an uncharted island in the Pacific. Tensions break out among the group of culturally diverse misfits, but when the dead rise from the ground, they must put aside their differences to fight for survival.

CHAPTER 2: VERRUCKT - Tank Dempsey leads a group of U.S. Marines into a rescue mission. Dropped into Germany, the band of soldiers set out on a mission to save an O.S.S. Spy from a Nazi sanatorium, but when they arrive at the insane asylum, they find themselves outnumbered by waves of the undead.

CHAPTER 3: THE PROTOTYPE - as the horde at Shi No Numa dies down, Richtofen uncovers a damaged MDT Teleporter and begins working on a way to escape the island. Amidst the wait, tensions break out between Dempsey and Takeo, but they must post-pone their feud when they teleport to a weapons factory near Breslau, in Germany. The four men explore what they can of the abandoned, locked down Nazi factory in search of a power generator, but when Tank lashes out, Richtofen's manipulative side begins to show, when he makes matters worse between Dempsey and Takeo. 

CHAPTER 4: GROUP 935 - at the beginning of World War, the Nazi High Command assign Ludvig Maxis with reviving the German scientific research organisation, Group 935, in an effort to develop Wonder Weapons and Super Soldiers for the Third Reich. Enlisting the help of Edward Richtofen among an array of other scientists, the experiments begin. Harnessing the power of Element 115, the Group develops the MDT Teleporters, an array of Wonder Weapons, and worst of all, the Undead. As tensions rise between members of the Group, 935's infrastructure begins to crumble. Richtofen and Maxis quickly grow apart, while the Group's head of security discovers that there's moles in the organisation. While Maxis creates more zombies, Richtofen begins creating his own breed of super soldiers taking the forms of Takeo Masaki, Nikolai Belinski, and Tank Dempsey. But as members plot against each other and the zombies get out of control, the Group's self-destruction approaches. 

CHAPTER 5: DER RIESE - the four soldiers fight the immense hordes of the Undead as they emerge from the shadows of Der Riese in a more savage form than ever. As they fight for survival, revelations begin to unfold among the group, but they must sought to band together for the good of their survival and the sake of escaping, resulting an explosive conclusion to their journey. 

Call of the Dead 2

MOVIE PLOT: - in the midst of the cold war, the four soldiers of World War 2 continue to fight the dormant undead, as tensions arise between the Americans and the Soviets. 

CHAPTER 1: KINO DER TOTEN - after accidentally time travelling seventeen years into the future, Tank, Richtofen, Takeo and Nikolai find themselves stranded in an abandoned Nazi theatre at the centre of a quarantined German ghost town. But soon enough the mysteries of the town unfold when the Dead rise from their slumber and pit the four soldiers in a fight for survival once again. 

CHAPTER 2: ASCENSION - in the Soviet Union, a group of scientists centered in a cosmodrome develop advanced proto-type technology based on the work of Group 935, but one of it's members becomes rapidly unstable. 

CHAPTER 3: FIVE - amidst the struggle at Kino Der Toten, the four soldiers are rescued by a squad of Americans on a Black Ops mission. Taken into the custody of the C.I.A., the four soldiers find themselves in the interrogation rooms of the Pentagon, but the band of soldiers quickly make a deal with the men in black.

CHAPTER 4: BACK TO THE BEGINNING - a group of American scientists and soldiers are sent on a top secret mission back into the past to Germany in World War 2 to find out what happened with Group 935 and the zombies. Things begin to spiral out of control among the group when the scientific leader, Daniel Clarke, begins to transform into a unique product of Element 115. 

CHAPTER 5: EPIDEMIC - chaos breaks out across the U.S.A and Baikonur Cosmodrome in the Soviet Union when Clarke attacks the Pentagon and unleashes the undead, while Dr. Yuri Kravcheski's descent into madness leads him to accidentally release the zombies upon the cosmodrome. When Dempsey, Richtofen, Masaki and Belinski arrive at the Cosmodrome, as well as the Black Ops team, their mission becomes a fight for survival. 

Call of the Dead 3

MOVIE PLOT: - in the year 2013, Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo and Nikolai set out on an epic journey across the world on a mission to prevent the imminent apocalypse. 

'CHAPTER 1:' LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! - while filming a new zombie movie at a Siberian lighthouse, four celebrities must defend themselves when the dead rise from icy waters and chaos ensues. But amidst the chaos, they must aid the four soldiers of World War 2 in escaping the facility.

CHAPTER 2: AREA 51 - after randomly appearing in Area 51, the four soldiers are interrogated by members of the Illuminati. In confinement, they begin to recall the events between their departure from the Siberian facility and the arrival at the Groom Lake facility. 

CHAPTER 3: PARADISE LOST - a pair of explorers discover ancient ruins of a lost civilisation, but they are quickly attacked by a horde of the undead. Not long later, the four soldiers of World War 2 arrive in the temple ruins after fleeing from the Siberian lighthouse, and sought to help the stranded explorers escape alive, all the while uncovering another piece of the puzzle to the mystery of 115 and its origins. 

CHAPTER 4: THE MISSING PIECES OF 935 - the secret operations of Ludvig Maxis during his time with Group 935, from the discovery of Shangri-La, to the uncovering of Vril Technology and what pushed Richtofen to further insanity. Revelations unfold about Ludvig's true fate and the fate of his daughter, Samantha Maxis.

CHAPTER 5: RICHTOFEN'S GRAND SCHEME - the four soldiers venture further than they've ever gone before, to the Griffin Station on the Moon. Together, the uncover the secret work of Group 935 and what the U.S. Government done with the facility. But the Dead rise, chaos ensues, blood is spilt, revelations among the four unfold, Samantha returns, and Richtofen's grand scheme unfolds... all roads lead to a cataclysmic conclusion to the Call of the Dead trilogy. 

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