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Find Makarov - End the War

"Let's write some history."

During the week of February 27th, a website called was posted with a countdown timer set for March 2nd. Bloody dog tags that read "Find Makarov - End the War" were sent to That Videogame Blog that apparently belonged to General Shepard. The countdown timer has now expired, and the URL "" now leads to a youtube video reavealing a live action "Modern Warfare Trailer", made by Toronto-based film group We Can Pretend.

The short film presents the viewer with a live action recreation of the final Modern Warfare 2 mission, Endgame, from Soap's point of view. At the end, a short, intriguing clip of an aerial insertion by Nikolai and Captain Price, from the perspective of an unknown individual is shown.

While not the trailer for Modern Warfare 3 that many were hoping for, it still rewards the Call of Duty community with an excellent piece of fan-made cinematography.

We Can Pretend
Find Makarov - Live Action Modern Warfare Trailer

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