So, lots of people have MW3 wishlists. Here's mine.


I would like to at the very least see the following weapons. I did not include all the weapons I'd like to see in the next Call of Duty game, these are just the barest minimum I really, really want in the game.

Assault Rifles

  • G36C (or whatever variant, carbine or not)

Submachine Guns

  • MP5 (whichever variant, but preferably the MP5 over the MP5K)


Please keep the ability to use Akimbo...


  • Stopping Power (none of this Black Ops bullshit where its removal is for the kiddies who are shit)
  • Lightweight (with the same Pro version and characteristics of MW2, again, none of this BOps crap)

Suggested Changes

  • Take an example from BOps with the throwing knife (or tomahawk, whatever), make it bounce off surfaces.
  • Frags should be more powerful than semtex. No one uses frags in MW2 anymore.
  • Kill the Commando and Danger Close perks. They really only ruin it for people who want to use guns. Explosives DO NOT NEED INCREASED DAMAGE, don't make tubing any more attractive than it already is!
  • Shotguns could stay at the same level of effectiveness as MW2, except they should be primary weapons. The BOps shotguns were primaries, but they suck in comparison to a SPAS-12 or an AA-12. In this regard both MW2 and BOps failed to balance shotguns. It would be more balanced to have shotguns with that much range and damage, but as primary weapons.
  • DO NOT REMOVE STOPPING POWER. Treyarch doesn't seem to understand that if you make all the guns have the same damage, everyone will take the one with the lowest recoil/highest rate of fire. Everyone in BOps uses the same five rifles! A perk which increases damage is good, because you can supplement a weapon with a low RoF or damage. Variety in weapons is a good thing, not the mind-numbing similarity of BOps weapons/
  • In BOps, headshots serve no purpose. None whatsoever. I liked the headshot leads to camo aspect of CoD4 and MW2.
  • COD points are stupid. Everything should be earned through the challenge-based system of MW2, WaW, and CoD4. Don't fix what's not broken.
  • Keep customization to a minimum! Sure, it's cool to pimp your gun. But I'd rather the vastly superior graphics of MW2 than the crappy cartoon atmosphere of BOps multiplayer and the ability to make my gun ugly. Stuff like camouflages, emblems, these are good, and should be customizable. I really liked the BOps emblem design system. But they should stay off the guns in order to improve network performance. You can't really blend in to the environment with shitty graphics, you know?
  • Titles were cool in MW2, they are ugly in BOps. Please keep the challenge-earned titles, maybe even keep the emblems like this instead, if custom ones aren't feasible!
  • Killstreaks were fine in MW2, except for the nuke, which was kind of annoying. I have mixed feelings about the BOps killstreaks. I was fine with the killstreak kills stacking in MW2, and I was fine with them not stacking in BOps. The chopper gunner in BOps is way OP'd, though. The burst version in MW2 was fair.
  • No more dogs, please.
  • The Blackbird was pretty cool, implement something like this!
  • Theatre system. Meh. If I wanted to capture stuff in game, I'd buy a capture card. It's vastly inferior to Halo's theatre, anyway, and if it improved performance by being removed, I'd rather it be gone.
  • The Tier 1 Perk character models were a good idea, but badly implemented. Something like the CoD4 concept art of the UAV jammer would be much better. Keep Ghillies to snipers, regardless of perks.
  • Make the same effort you've always made with your gun camoes, Infinity Ward! BOps camoes looked like dyed vomit. Remember, playability and performance with excellent graphics > shitty graphics, toddler-friendly game, lame customization!
  • 15 prestiges is ridiculous. Way to fail at originality, Treyarch. The CoD4 level/prestige system was IMHO the best, but since MW3 will surely have more equipment and wargear to unlock, 55 levels may not be feasible. Let's keep it as close to MW2 as possible, please!
  • For the love of God, update your game security! No more fake 10th prestiges! Also, please implement a firecap to the FAL (or single fire equivalent).

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