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SANDMAN's classes

Custom Class 1Edit


M4A1 attchments 2 hybrid sight + heartbeat sensor Secondary FMG9 Akimbo

Perks Slight of Hand Pro Hardline Pro Stalker Pro

Lethal: throwing knife Tactal: Flash gernade

Strike Package UAV---> Care package ----> Attack Helicopter

Ghost Edit

Primary MA41 2 attachments Silencer + Thermal scope Secondary Stinger

Perks Blind Eye pro Assassin Pro Dead sile

Strike package UAV---->Sam turret---> Advanced UAV

Hodge Podge Edit

Primary ACR 6.8 2 Atachments Grenade lauch+ Hybird Sight Secondary P99

Equitment Throwing knife and Flash gernade

Perks Scavenger Pro Blast Shield Pro SitRep

Strike Package UAV----> Airdrop trap---->Steath bombomer


Primary Barret .50 cal + kick Secondary MP9+ silencer

Equipment bouncing betty tatical insertion

Perks Scavenger Pro Assassin Pro Marksman

Strike Package Care package----> Pred missile----> Attack Helicopter

Custom Class 5Edit

Primary MK14 attachments 2 Gerndade launcher + Red dot sight Secondary Stinger

Equipment Claymore and Smoke gernade

Perks Slight of Hand Pro Quick Draw Pro SitRep

Strike Package Sam Turret---->Stealth Bomber----->Escort Airdrop

Spec OpsEdit

Primary MP5 2 attachments silencer and red dot sight Secondary XM25

Equipment Semtex and Smoke Gernade

Perks Slight of Hand Pro Hardline Pro Steady Aim Pro

Strike Package Care package---->Attack Helicopter----> Pave Low

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