(First of,that another one was my very first blog.Anyone was a newbie here right???)

Hey anyone,I found an interesting glitch at Karachi.BUT there are some requirments.Have a class that has:

  • An SMG
  • A Machine pistol
  • Tactical insertion
  • OMA
  • Lightweight
  • Commando PRO


  1. Head to the center of map with the destroyed buildings and climb the ladder (where the most firefights come up)
  2. Sprint and jump at the pole in front of you. (its not inaccesible,just very easy to get to.PLANT INSERTION!)
  3. Look at the left.There should be 2 other poles.Jump on 'em (Lay a tac at each one.You can get extra tac's by 'switching' to your current class)
  4. There should be a balcony out front.Jump on it.(Make sure you plant insertion ok?)
  5. Another balcony to the right.Sprint then jump to it(Lay tac you shall do it every step...Xept the first :P)
  6. This is where it gets rough.There's a pole on your right.Its VERY hard,but not impossible trust me ;)
  7. A destroyed building lies in front.Jump and crouch to get in.
  8. Theres a hole in your left.Instead, go to the stairs.
  9. A wall that seems unclimable IS climable.Jump rapidly to get on top.
  10. A destroyed top of a wall and a plank is ahead.Jump on 'em.
  11. Your almost through!You will be on a roof.Smaller ones are below you.Jump on them.
  12. A courtyard with barrels is in front.Sprint and jump on it.

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