Hello i am very pissed off because i just literally spent 4 hours writing a blog about the mw2 guide book that was released anyyyywayys i was logged in as my user i was not logged out(very important) and as soon aas i went to save my blog and post it i recieved the worst fucking message ever "your not logged need to be signed in to post blogs" i nearly ripped my cock off guys here i am typeing my white ass off for 4 hours and this site logs me out like it always has for no apparent god damn reason

i need to know if somehow i can recover that whole story i just wrote because this is ridiculous i cant even type ANYTHING that has any length to it i cant do anything in-depth and its ridiculous please tell me there is a way to salvage that if not im taking my own life(not really) but you know what imean please help. SOG TOUGHBRAVO SIX 00:59, August 13, 2010 (UTC)

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