Modern Warfare 3....We all want it to happen and we all want to know what happened to Makarov,Soap,Price and Nikolai soooo... I would like to hear what ideas or suggestions that you guys think should be in the next Characters , Locations , Factions , Weapons anything but most of all a very well thought out story line. Im confident that you guys can come up with some great original ideas for it so give it your best shot ive written my own story line for MW3 for me and my friends im might post it up on this wiki some time in the future but i'd like to see some more ideas to tweak the outcome of my final missions im not going to go into details about it cause im not completly finished so any new crazy ideas would be extremly helpful!......SOG TOUGHBRAVO SIX 21:06, August 12, 2010 (UTC)

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