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    I know everybody is wrapped up in thinking about Modern Warfare 3 by Infinity Ward and Call of Duty 8 by Sledgehammer, but let's look at the near future: Call of Duty 7 by Treyarch.

    Now, you guys remember World at War with the awesomeness of Nazi Zombies, right? Well, I'm guessing (since it brought Treyarch so many DLC downloads and HUGE sales) that a similar mode will be included in Call of Duty 7.

    So, what would you like from this?

    -New characters or keep the old ones?

    -Set in Vietnam rather than Germany or Japan?

    -Maybe some new twists?


    Anyways, comment below and tell me what you think.

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    February 16, 2010 by SSDGFCTCT9

    The Call of Duty wiki is one of the most successful gaming wikis today. Since most people who frequent it generally like shooter, I'm sure many of you have tried out the recent Battlefield Bad Company 2 demo.

    Now, I'm not sure if many of you have noticed, but the Battlefield wiki is kind of a... fail. For a game series that started 8 years ago and with its recent rise in popularity, maybe some you good people from the CoD wiki would be willing to help modernize the BF wiki. I think we need the most editors possible, so spread the word.

    Battlefield Series wiki :

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    WWII again?

    February 5, 2010 by SSDGFCTCT9

    We all know that WWII has been a pretty abused concept and that it's getting a little tired out, especially when it comes to American campaigns. But what if, out of the blue, some developper like DICE or Treyarch, made a game that got generally revues and supported many fronts like the Sino-Japanese front, Australia and Italy and that had, good, balanced and all 'round skill required multiplayer that featured EVERY single infantry weapon used during the war (this means Russian RPDs, German MP45s and MP18, Japanese Type IIs, etc.)?

    Would many of you be willing to play such a game or just ditch it for the concept?

    Leave your comments.

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    To say the least, I hate it. CoD2 was the best. Why? The weapons were realistic and balanced. Oh, and the most important part, no perks. How many times to see yourself owning some retard with your Nambu when, suddenly, you realise this guys has an MP40 and Juggernaut? Often. I do anyways. See, there are so many players that depend on certain perks to get kills, it's not even funny. Sure, Modern Warfare 2 doesn't have Juggernaut, but do you EVER see much of a point to choose, say, Danger Close instead of Stopping Power? No, because or else, you're going to get horribly swatted off by other retards that do use it.

    Now, CoD4 was quite the masterpiece, but I still have to say that perks flawed it. The same thing with WaW (and that MP40 of their…

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    So, we've seen that it's in Vietnam, yes?

    Well, personally, I don't want to see another pro-american campaign making the 'enemy' in the war seem like a bunch of cruel retards. I want to see a campaign to which we play as a Viet Cong. Or maybe even, two campaigns? I still wouldn't hesitate to play 'Fuck yeah, America' again. I just want a DIFFERENT campaign. Hell, both sides didn't really want to fight the war, so I do believe both sides can have model characters and powerful stories in which you care about, right?

    One other thing, a multiplayer that can be more team oriented, and no OP weapons. I don't want to see Akimbo shotties again, especially not some that kill me from 30 feet away. Akimbo pistols is quite the limit.

    I want to see a nice…

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