To say the least, I hate it. CoD2 was the best. Why? The weapons were realistic and balanced. Oh, and the most important part, no perks. How many times to see yourself owning some retard with your Nambu when, suddenly, you realise this guys has an MP40 and Juggernaut? Often. I do anyways. See, there are so many players that depend on certain perks to get kills, it's not even funny. Sure, Modern Warfare 2 doesn't have Juggernaut, but do you EVER see much of a point to choose, say, Danger Close instead of Stopping Power? No, because or else, you're going to get horribly swatted off by other retards that do use it.

Now, CoD4 was quite the masterpiece, but I still have to say that perks flawed it. The same thing with WaW (and that MP40 of theirs). And Modern Warfare 2 is the worst. ALL weapons kill so damn easily and with weapons like the Akimbo 1887s or the Noob Tube that has no disadvantage of use. Honestly, Treyarch better sure as hell make a decent multiplayer in Call of Duty 7, because now, the only thing I see worth playing is Nazi Zombies or Spec Ops, or CoD2.

SSDGFCTCT9 17:58, January 31, 2010 (UTC)

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