So, we've seen that it's in Vietnam, yes?

Well, personally, I don't want to see another pro-american campaign making the 'enemy' in the war seem like a bunch of cruel retards. I want to see a campaign to which we play as a Viet Cong. Or maybe even, two campaigns? I still wouldn't hesitate to play 'Fuck yeah, America' again. I just want a DIFFERENT campaign. Hell, both sides didn't really want to fight the war, so I do believe both sides can have model characters and powerful stories in which you care about, right?

One other thing, a multiplayer that can be more team oriented, and no OP weapons. I don't want to see Akimbo shotties again, especially not some that kill me from 30 feet away. Akimbo pistols is quite the limit.

I want to see a nice variety of weapons too, put in all exceptions. You know, some Arisaka rifles were used, so I'd like to use them too. M653s and M16s look similar, but they're nonetheless different, so make a distinction for both.

That's TRULY what I'd like to see.

Any opinions on the matter are welcome.

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