Firstly, I'm not from this Wiki. I edit on several other wiki's, but not this one. I only visit to gain info about Black Ops and Nazi Zombies. Now that that's out of the way, I had an idea about Nazi Zombies that I think would be really cool:

The storyline of Nazi Zombies is quite an interesting one, and I think that it could be expanded to span two live-action movies. I know you're probably already thinking that this is a stupid idea, but hear me out, and I'm not going to go into specifics or anything like that.

The first movie would start out with a flashback of Richtofen and Maxis at Der Reise, testing the Wunderwaffe DG2. It would then cut to Dempsey, or one of the others, who is in action in WW2. Basically, to keep this short, the Zombies would be created accidently, and WW2 would end. Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo would have nothing to do after the war, and they would soon meet up with Richtofen. They would then be sent to one of the testing areas (Shi No Numa) to stop the outbreak of Zombies. Basically, they defeat them all and the movie ends. There would obviously be a lot more story to it, such as flashbacks to when the Zombies were created and by the end everyone would know that Richtofen was the cause of it all, and stuff like that, but I'm trying to keep it simple.

Next movie, they are made to go to Der Reise and stop the Zombies from spawning all together. Once there, they would do all the norm and link up the teleporters and everything, but the main plot of this one would be about Samantha, and how Richtofen covered her up, and how she's haunting the place, and creating more Zombies (not part of the original story, but it adds more depth). This would also introduce the Hellhounds and one of the members (not Nikolai cos he's awesome) would die fighting the Zombies. Eventually, they stop the Zombies, but at a cost.

That's basically the plot, and it could be expanded to all four areas, but those two are the only ones where the story is explained. It sounds crap, I know, but when watching the trailers for all the different Zombies levels, and playing Nazi Zombies, this idea of a movie formed in my head, and it gets better the more you think about it and how far it could go. So what do you guys think? Whatever your views, don't bite my head off, I just want some feedback and to see what you all think.

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