(some of these firearms are probably confirmed to be in the game already)

Assault Rifles:
*H&K G36C--> Selective Fire (Usually fully-automatic) Assault Rifle (not SMG)
*Colt M4A1--> Fully Automatic Assault Rifle
*Colt M16A4--> Burst Fire Assault Rifle
*AK74U-->Fully Automatic Assault Rifle (not the Sub-machine version in Black Ops)
*AK47-->Fully Automatic Assault Rifle (New MW3 carbine edition + classic wooden-engraving)
*Scar-L--> Fully Automatic Assault Rifle
*Scar-H--> Fully Automatic Assault Rifle
*Steyr Aug--> Fully Automatic Assault Rifle
*ACR--> Fully Automatic Assault Rifle
*FAMAS--> Burst Fire or Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
*TAR-21--> Fully Automatic Assault Rifle
*FN-Fal--> Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle
*F2000--> Fully-Automatic Assault Rifle
*Cx4--> Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle
*XM8--> Selective Fire Assault Rifle
*H&K G3--> Fully Automatic Assault Rifle
*Galil SAR (Modern)-->Fully Automatic Assault Rifle
*L85A1 (Bullpup)--> Selective Fire Assault Rifle
*AR-15--> Selective Fire Assault Rifle

Sniper Rifles:
*Intervention M200--> Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

  • H&K PSG-1--> Semi-automatic Sniper Rifle
  • SVD Dragunov--> Semi-automatic Sniper Rifle
  • WA2000-->Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
    *AWM L115A1--> Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
    *Barret M107.50 Cal--> Semi-Automatic Sniper
    *SR-25 (Stoner Rifle-25)--> Semi-Automatic Assault RifleRifle
    *M14 EBR--> Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
    *M21 EBR--> Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle
    *L96A1--> Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
    *AI AS50 .50 Cal--> Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
    *L118A1-->Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
    *M40A1/M40A5 (Marine Standard)--> Bolt-Action Assault Rifle
    *Zastava M93 Black Arrow--> Bolt-Action Rifle (Anti-material)

Sub-Machine Guns:
*H&K MP5 (not the Carbine MP5K)--> Fully Automatic SMG
*UZI (not mini-uzi)--> Fully Automatic SMG
*H&K Ump45-->Fully Automatic SMG
*Spectre M4-->Fully Automatic SMG
*TDI Vector--> Fully Automatic SMG
*Steyr TMP--> Fully Automatic SMG
*P90--> Fully Automatic SMG
*PDW--> Fully Automatic SMG
*Magpul FMG 9--> Fully Automatic SMG

Light-Machine Guns:
*M60--> Fully Automatic LMG
*Steyr Aug HBAR--> Fully Automatic LMG Edition
*RPD--> Fully Automatic LMG
*RPK--> Fully Automatic LMG
*L86 LSW--> Fully Automatic LMG
*H&k HK21 (Modern)--> Fuly Automatic LMG
*M240--> Fully-Automatic LMG

Pistols + Machine Pistols:
*USP .45--> Semi-Automatic Pistol
*M9--> Semi-Automatic Pistol
*G18--> Fully Automatic Pistol
*.44 Magnum--> Revolver
*M93 Raffica-->Burst Fire Machine Pistol
*PP2000--> Fully Automatic Machine Pistol
*Desert Eagle .50 Caliber--> Semi-Automatic Pistol
*Tangfoglio T95--> Semi-Automatic Pistol
*CZ-75--> Seletive Fire Pistol (Semi and Fully Automatic)
*Beretta 93--> Fully Automatic Machine Pistol
*S&W Model 4006--> Semi-Automatic Pistol
*M1911A1-->Semi-Automatic Pistol

*Remington 870 Modern Black or Marine Edition--> Pump-Action Shotgun

  • Spas 12--> Semi-Automatic Shotgun
    *AA-12--> Fully-Automatic Shotgun
    *Model 1887 (Modern)--> Pump-Action Shotgun
    *Mossber 590--> Pump-action shotgun
    *Remington 1100--> Semi-Automatic Shotgun
    *Benelli M4 Super 90 (M1014)--> Semi-Automatic Shotgun
    *Benelli M3--> Dual-Actio Shotgun (Semi-Auto & Pump-Action)
    *Remington 887 Tactical--> Pump-Action Shotgun
    *Ithaca 37 (Modern edition)--> Pump-Action Shotgun

*AT4-HS--> Free Fire or Lock-on
*DK-Stinger--> Vehicle Lock-on
*RPG-7--> Free Fire
*M72 LAW--> Free Fire or Lock-on
*Panzerfaust 3--> Free Fire
*Javelin FGM-148--> Lock-on

-Military Tactical Knives (for damage purposes only)
-Military Crossbow (with our without explosive)
-Heartbeat Sensors
-Zoom-Enabled Sniper Scopes
-Camos, Outfit Customization, Weapons Skin
-Grenade Launchers (we hate noob tubes, but it's the essence of real warfare)
-New killstreaks
-Motion Sensors
-Better Respawn System

Don't want these:
-One-Hit throwing knives
-One-Hit Tomahawk
-One-Hit melee knifing
-Killstreaks earned by killstreaks

Ran out of ideas, so included other special stuff.

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