I don't know if this is already up as a blog so I'm sorry for repeating this info.

Apparently the LAPD rushed the Robotoki offices on Thursday (5/30) to the response of a panic button pushed in the studio. Some employees did not know what it was, so they decided to push the button. The LAPD responded and circled the building where they saw a life size statue of Simon "Ghost" Riley and believed it to be a real person. The LAPD entered the building and the only person in the building was Robert Bowling. Bowling was asked to get out of the room, where the Ghost statue is, and was detained for a short while. The LAPD went in the room and, according to Yahoo! Games, "The cops nearly took the statue down..." Soon though the LAPD realized that this was a statue and let Bowling go.

Moral of the story? Don't have a statue with a gun facing the street. Or tell your employees about the panic button.

Yahoo! Games link.

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