There are some gamers who have been planning a boycott of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on April 20th, 2012. They feel that Activision and Infinity Ward have not held up to the promises that they have made and the gamers believe that Activision and Infinity Ward have not fixed major issues in the game itself.

Here is a list of their demands/things that should be fixed:

  • Lag Compensation
  • Matchmaking options which include the ability to enable disable local search and base search off the party leader when playing with friends
  • The broken Spawn System
  • Full featured Theater mode
  • Individual volume controls in the options menu
  • Tac insert removed from Kill confirmed
  • More Hardcore game modes
  • Better Elite playlist options
  • Objective stats on in-game scoreboard
  • Akimbo machine pistol nerf
  • Removal of any assault kill streaks from the support package
  • Removal of death streaks and Fix Local Area Network settings for Competitive events


MW3 BLACKOUT 4.2002:53

MW3 BLACKOUT 4.20.12!


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