Howdy everyone. SXe Fiend here and I would like to say that I am back editing on this wiki. Hi to everyone who remembers me and Hola to all of those who joined up when I was away.

I do not know how long I was away, but I know it was along time. I kinda just felt like announcing that I am back, though for a while it may not be full time. The reasons that I have not been for God knows how long is that I was at school and I was traveling between my Grandmas house and our house. My family and I were building a house and the majority of my free time was spent in that house. Also I lost my laptop on the train ride to my house one day (yelling fuck in front of a 5 year old was not the right way to handle it).

But some of the reasons no longer apply. I have graduated from the college I was going to (I recieved 2 AAs). I also bought a new laptop with the money I got from my family for my graduation. The house is pretty much done. The final inspection should be finished tomorrow and all that is left is the painting of the rooms, except for mine which I took care of years ago.

So in short I'm back, may not be on full time or for hours a day, still have to paint and get all my shite in my room. As I was gone I noticed that I actually missed editing and talking to those people on the wiki that I talked to. So I guess I should get back to editing again, huh?

Adios, Arriverderci (I took Italian this past semester), Lates.

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