What I posted on MoD's Talk Page at his idiotic, piece of shit wiki, are not my real intententions. I was trying to infiltrate his "inner circle" if you will. Call me what you want, but I promise, I had no intention of doing any harm to this wiki. I asked 808 if I could, last night in IRC, and he said I could. You have to believe me, guys. Why would I want to work with MoD to bring down this beautiful wiki? Ever since I started here, I've made so many friends. I truely am sorry for anything I've caused. You guys remember when CoD4 made a suggestion on PGB's talk page at the BF wiki to bring down Griever with a coup d'etat? After I told griever, he and CoD4 got into a sort of fight, if you will. I tried to stop them, because I believed it was my fault they were fighting. I want to make this wiki a better place. If you don't believe me, talk to 808 about what I planned to do, he'll confirm it. But anyway, because I know I am going to come across much hostility, even after you get word from 808 that I had planned to spy spy on MoD, I will be leaving the wiki for the next few days, because I can't take it. Please, look deep inside your hearts. I know you can still trust me. I absolutely promise that I had no harmful intentions to you guys. If you continue to hate me, then do so. Until I can return to my normal activities here, I bid you farewell.