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Hey guys! A few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit Infinity Ward's office over in LA and play some Ghosts MP before the game released. It was an awesome experience, and I'd like to share my first thoughts and opinions with you all.

The first thing I had the opportunity to do was set up some custom classes for use in Wargame. Since I'm used to playing a more "run-n-gun" play style, the first one I set up was the K7 with an RDS, settling with a PDW accompanied by a Tac Knife for a secondary weapon set. I also opted to make a shotgun-based class, the Tac 12 with slugs being my weapon of choice. As far as perks go, I chose Ready Up, Sleight of Hand, Blind Eye, Gambler, and Hardline for all of my classes to help out my playing style.

Once I was finally done creating my classes and got to actually playing the game, I was hooked: I could immediately tell that Ghosts was the best CoD I've ever played. Even though I hadn't played any sort of FPS in a few months, Ghosts was very easy to pick up - everything felt so polished, be it the game mode, the UI, the guns, or anything else I could get my hands on. One of my favourite new features has to be Field Orders - they are genuinely fun to carry out, and very creative too! The Field Orders also have a nice difficulty level - none of them are especially hard or easy, although trying to get 2 kills while jumping may not seem easy at first ;). Out of all the guns I tried, I really enjoying using the Tac 12; whenever I did hit an enemy with my slug, they went down hard. The Vector also makes a triumphant return as a well-rounded gun - if you're looking for a good SMG to rely on, there's no competition.

I was also amazed at the level of performance the bots played at in Wargame - they honestly felt and acted like other players. None of them had an "aimbot" like behaviour where they would turn around out of nowhere and shoot you square in the face - I was (mostly) safe as long as my initial shots didn't miss. Facing them head on was quite a different story, however, as they've finally learned how to drop-shoot (much to the dismay of me and my teammates). Even playing on a Medium difficulty setting was enough to enjoy the same level of challenge I'd expect from a game with real, live people.

All in all, Infinity Ward has once again outdone themselves with this installment of Call of Duty in the Multiplayer department. In just 2 hours, playing Ghosts gave me a level of satisfaction and fun which I haven't had for years - and I can't wait to experience that same feeling once I pick up my own copy soon.

I also had the chance to play a few matches with Tom Syndicate (TheSyndicateProject) as well as TmarTn while I was there, and had a ton of fun. Unsurprisingly, they're a lot better than me, but we all were equally pwned by the bots.

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