So, finally turning away from the topic of Ghost, this time I want to know what are everybody's favorite levels from the single-player campaign? In any game, whatever one(s) you have.

Here are mine:

These are just the games I own, I haven't really played the others enough to know which levels are my favorites. Now that you know mine, what are yours?

Also, two unrelated questions - Does anyone think the American speaking in the campaign trailers was Shepherd? I listened to the trailers a couple times and he sounds kind of like him, but I don't think he is Shepherd. My neighbor does, but he's an idiot. Question two, I don't think that the character "Faust" is actually called "Faust". I've never seen the name in-game, all it ever says is "Rojas' assistant" or "Rojas' right-hand man". Does anyone have confirmation of the name? I brought this up on the Faust talk page but that doesn't exactly get a lot of traffic, so....

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