I've noticed something with the images here that doesn't happen on any of the other wikis I read. When you click on them, instead of loading the File:ImageNameHere page, it just shows an enlarged image on the current page. Does this happen to anyone else (I'm assuming it does)? And can you disable that feature or something? I find it quite annoying. When I click on the image, I usually want to view the details and such.

Also, on a completely related note, I've recently started playing CoD4 again and also started watching the show Futurama on Comedy Central, and I can't help but notice that one of the Marines sounds uncannily like the character Phillip J. Fry (without the underlying stupidity in the voice, of course). On the off chance anyone else has noticed the same coincidence I'm going to ask if anyone has. Not that anyone will respond. No one ever comments on my blogs, despite how amazing I am at everything I've ever tried. Sad face.

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