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  • Sal Renbar

    It was released today that The Map (from the new Call of Duty game) will feature a brand new type of zombie. It was revealed that Quentin Tarantino oversaw the creation of this zombie. The zombie will be able to fly around and shoot pillows at the player. Nothing has been released as to know if the pillows may be lethal or friendly just yet. [1]

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  • Sal Renbar

    SOG was once thought to stand for "Studies and Observations Group". But everyone who ever thought that is horribly wrong. It actually stands for "Suckerpunching Ogres and Giants". There is proof of this in-game for Black Ops. When Mason and Bowman are playing Russian Roulette in their spare time, Bowman clearly says "Good thing we suckerpunched all those ogres and giants, otherwise we'd be screwed!" To this, Mason replies with "Yeah, I know! I can't wait till the sequel!"

    Also, in the Black Ops II extended trailer (which can be found after finishing 100,000 rounds on the zombies map Moon), the following conversation can be heard between Frank Woods and David Mason:

    Woods--"Your father and I were once part of the SOG Team."

    Mason--"What does that m…

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  • Sal Renbar

    Woods was born in Japan. His mother was Viktor Reznov and his father was Dmitri Petrenko. His brother is Thomas Edison, who died during Basic Training. He was a sissy.

    After that day, Woods promised to avenge his brother by killing all the people named Lev Kravchenko. Not surprisingly, he does this (there is only one person in history with this name; luckily they lived at the same time). Woods then has nothing else to do so he jumps out a window and tries blowing himself up.

    Not surprisingly, he does not die. So instead he signs up for the role of Sgt. Frank Woods in Black Ops II. And he makes the cut!! Then he becomes really old for the role and has to sit in a chair for the whole game while his double does all the 1980s gameplay.

    The only ir…

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