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User blog:Sam I am/MW3 killstreak wishlist


MW3 killstreak wishlist

3 kills - Ammo drop

3 kills - UAV

4 kills - Care Package

4 kills - Counter-UAV

5 kills - Predator Missile

5 kills - Sentry Gun

6 kills - Precision Airstrike

6 kills - Special Weapon drop (minigun, explosive sniper rifle, etc)

7 kills - Harrier Strike

7 kills - Attack helicopter

8 kills - Emergency Airdrop

8 kills - Satelite Intel (Modern version of blackbird, see everyone in real time)

9 kills - Stealth Bomber

9 kills - Pavelow

10 kills - Juggernaught suit (500% health, regenerates for the time of 60 seconds, then stops regenerating after that)

10 kills - Backup team (5 veteran difficulty AIs, use cover, not just run around)

11 kills - AC130

11 kills - Chopper gunner

13 kills - Controlable gunship

13 kills - Controlable tank (machinegun kills by itself like a senty, cannon has to reload after very shot with a reload of 5 seconds,)

15 kills - EMP

15 kills - Nuclear strike ( a strike that lasts 15 seconds and will be as big as 65% of Fuel mw2 map, killing anyone in its radius, inside or outside, includes respwaning playars)

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