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    Second Chance

    October 5, 2011 by Sane Hatter

    I don't think Treyarch understands the meaning of the phrase, "Second Chance".

    Second chances are just that. A SECOND chance. Not a third chance. Nor a fourth chance. And a fifth chance is now clean out of the question.

    So, with this reasoning down, what's the reason to not camp? I mean, use your overpowered Stoner63 and other guns with your prefered perks, include Second chance, a voilla! You've just made it several time harder to die, ever. And if that odd circumstance just come along where you do die, fret not! Just quickly get the Pro version, and some friendly bloke will waltz over and revive you. Rinse and repeat until you win.

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    June 21, 2011 by Sane Hatter

    Why do this to Wii Treyarch. And I'm not talking about multiplayer. Directly atleast. When you play Black Ops on Wii, in campaign, you notice ALL the cutscenes are in HD, along with the beginings of the flashbacks in the Interrogation room. Might I ask, why??? All it realy does is cause your Wii to lag, and sometimes just glitch up completely, forcing you to un-plug it and restart the system, and bascialy say, "If you had and XBOX360, PS3 or PC, the game COULD look like this."

    I may llok like an idiot here, but I think it also takes up a LOT more space and memory on the Wii. I don't even really want to guess what we could have had instead iof useless HD cutscenes.

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  • Sane Hatter

    In no particular order.


    Names. Really? Your name has to be "YurD4dsC[]ck"? That's sort of creep considering my dad's a 50+ year old out of shape racist nutjob.....

    Second Chance. Yes, it happens in Hollywood, but when you run into a room and get pumped full of so much lead that Mothers label you with Mr. Yuk stickers and wrtie DO NOT INGEST on your forehead, you really should not get one.

    Flak Jacket. Yes, maybe I sound like a noob tuber for saying this, but when when I reload my tubes at Slight of Hand speed, and it takes two 40mm grenades and an exploding car from my end to finally kill you, there may be a problem.

    Famas/AUG. Everyone complains about this. But when I get three hitmarkers on you with an AK-47 and in the time it takes…

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    Map pack for Wii?

    April 8, 2011 by Sane Hatter

    I don't get it. There are rumors of the second Map Pack coming out in May, and they still can't even officialy "Guess" as to when First Strike may come out for Wii. Forget what I said earlier, when Treyarch releases their next game, the Wii will get First Strike.

    Just out of curiosity, who's going to be the first idiot to say "o my gawsh dumb N00bZ just sck it up n get an xbox. wii sckz anywayz."

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  • Sane Hatter

    Why does the mystery box in the Wii version of Black Ops have different weapons than the other versions? There's no RPK, Python, L96, Dragunov, FN FAL, anf I'm fairly certain there's not a Spectre either. But why? Is it that hard to keep the same weapons? I mean, they even patched Zombie mode for our SINGLE MAP to include a popup that tells you how to use Claymores, but what idiot needs that? They did update the Mystery Box in that patch as well I think, to inlude a crapload of stupid weapons like the Olympia, M14, AUG, MPL, MP40, and possibly the AK74u? It's just stupid. I also don't get why this is the only system where you can buy the AUG off the wall. Do they think we're all stupid?

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