In no particular order.


Names. Really? Your name has to be "YurD4dsC[]ck"? That's sort of creep considering my dad's a 50+ year old out of shape racist nutjob.....

Second Chance. Yes, it happens in Hollywood, but when you run into a room and get pumped full of so much lead that Mothers label you with Mr. Yuk stickers and wrtie DO NOT INGEST on your forehead, you really should not get one.

Flak Jacket. Yes, maybe I sound like a noob tuber for saying this, but when when I reload my tubes at Slight of Hand speed, and it takes two 40mm grenades and an exploding car from my end to finally kill you, there may be a problem.

Famas/AUG. Everyone complains about this. But when I get three hitmarkers on you with an AK-47 and in the time it takes the AK to send that final round down your bloated throat, you send enough bullets to cut me clean in half at me, there might be something odd about that.

Rapid Fire. "SMGs need that extra OOMPH to compete with Rifles!" No. If you think that you're clearly using the wrong gun for the job.

Launchers. Dont worry. Launchers won't be overpowered and work with Scavenger. What about the crossbow, you know, the thingy that.... LAUNCHES EXPLOSIVE projectiles over LONG DISTANCES that thrown grenades? Oh, no, no, no, that my friend, is a SPECIAL weapon. Not a launcher. WTF, Really?

Ghost Pro. When the Wii has alot more dark spots than PS360/PC versions, having that camo, no name, and no enemy reticule is really annoying when yoy camp there nearly invisible to the naked eye with your supppessed Famas, Oh, and you're invincible from dogs on Wii, and safe from most airborne kilstreaks on PS360/PC.

Treyarch. You said Black Ops would be balanced. Ypu pretty much lied. Also, you said Wii would get DLC. But you pull the "We have no Information" Bull on us.

Stoner63. What happened to the perfectly balanced normal rate of fire in Campaign?

7-10 year olds. Annoying little bastards. Also the most frequent users of the cheap guns listed above. Plsu they just sound annoying and have no idead what they talk about.

Zombies. Treyarch, when you give the Wii one map, and fuck up the leaderboards, it gets real boring real quick. Plus, we have 7-10 year olds.

Anybody who disagrees with this, please, do speak up, or get the %$^@ out. Now.

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