I don't know really.

Of course, I mean the Suppressors. A silenced sniper rifle is possibly the most lethal weapon in combat in real life, but apparently John Plaster had no experience with them, as they have the same power as regular snipers; as well as being quiet at the same time.

To be honest, snipers are useless with Suppressors anyways, but the patch just made the snipers unbalanced. The main reason is the L96A1. This patch gave snipers 2.0 multipliers to the head and neck to compensate for the major loss of damage for silenced sniper rifles with the lack of Stopping Power.

However, there are actually better snipers than others.

The L96A1 is known for it's damage - however, it is the same as all of them now with a slower fire rate and higher recoil. So what's the point in using it silenced then?

If I may make a suggestion, the snipers should have just had one 1.5 multiplier taken off, with 70 base damage kept the same. This way, the most powerful sniper would be the most powerful sniper no matter what.

As with Warlord, why? Keep the stats the same no matter what extra attachment there is - an inaccurate sniper using a silenced gun would love Extended Mags, but they can't use it. Because un-patched silenced snipers are WORTHLESS.

On a side note, they do kick major ass in Hardcore. Lol randomness much? XD

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