I know this blog post is a bit too early and the next title isn't even confirmed but what are your speculations for the next Call of Duty title developed by Treyarch and what would you like to see in the next Call of Duty title. 

I think the next game in the series will be Black Ops 3, it will most likely conclude the story of David Mason and probably follow the worst ending in Black Ops 2 where Menendez's followers riot and cause civil unrest throughout America. Exoskeletons could return maybe in the form of full-body power suits similar to MJOLNIR armour in the Halo series adding new Exo-Abilities as well as new player movements. Zombies will expand the TranZit mode making it bigger and more detailed with more buildables and variety while the rest of the maps will follow the same formula as the previous three games. Multiplayer will most likely remain unchanged with a few additions to spice things up, revamping certain features from Advanced Warfare such as Supply Drops and Operator.

As for what i want to see, it's endless. I want the next game to be set during the Cold War (specifically; 1965-1991) and follow two different story arcs, the first arc will be set in the Vietnam War and follows a rookie American Airman and a Viet Cong child soldier as they play a deadly game of cat and mouse through the jungles of Vietnam, avoiding each other and the dangers around them. While the second half of the game will be set near the end of the Cold War and will follow the CIA-SAD faction, Black Ops as they try to stop a nuclear attack on America by Russia. For the multiplayer component of the game, i want to see new movement mechanics alongside the dolphin dive such as small scale buildering and fluid parkour as well as faster crawling. Similar map design as Black Ops 1 and 2 as well as Modern Warfare 2, unique ways to transverse maps such as zip-lines, swimming, elevators and more. Weapon variants are to return but in more realistic and impactful way, the MP5 will have the MP5K and MP5SD, both having major differentiations to the base weapons look and statistics. More customisation specifically for weapons and attachments as well as the character, attachment modifications for certain attachments such as the Red Dot Sight allow for more versatility. I would like to see more killstreaks that are player controlled instead of automatic killstreaks.

Minor Multiplayer Features:

  • Currency system for Party Games only.
  • The ability to shoot while dolphin diving.
  • Bolt-Action Snipers Rifles should be harder to operate similar to how snipers acted in Black Ops 1 while Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles remain the same.
  • Camouflage creator.
  • Speed Reload to return.
  • Supply Drops to return with added items such as Double Xp.
  • More weapons in the Special class. 

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