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I like Black Ops, but don't get me wrong, I am annoyed about the cooperative missions not having returned. Anyway, I was playing Modern Warfare 2's Special Ops mode and realised that a game like Black Ops, full of all the covert operations, just cried out for missions like these.

Thinking the idea over, I remembered the emphasis on customisation Treyarch has been focusing on and I had the idea of custom-made Cooperative missions. I've typed up a whole load of options such as location, objective, ect. which could be combined to form a fairly unique mission which you could play through with up to three teammates with a totally customised loadout. Hell, you could add recording abilities to make awesome clips of your missions on Theatre Mode and place them on your file share along with the mission setup itself!

For an added touch of flexibility the ability to pick your side would also be enabled. The idea is the host would select one option from each variable and the game, using predesignated coding for the combination, would translate it into the mission. For example; a the host picks Hardened Difficulty, Jungle, Infiltration, Location, Rainy, Dusk, Foot (required for stealth) and Viet Cong, the Mission would have the players start as Viet Cong at one point of the map and have to sneak past the enemy patrols (who would be a little easier to alert due to the Hardened difficulty) to reach another location on the map, while the low lighting and rain would aid stealth while reducing visibility.

I realise that there will be some options that are not compatible. This is no huge flaw, players won't be able to customise their uniform if the mission calls for space suits and boats will be unavailible of maps with little to no water. Not a very big deal, especially given the number of options still availible. Also note that the apparent lack of ammo compared with the solo missions is deliberate, so teammates will have to coordinate the mission properly rather than charge around as one man armies.


Regular: Simple, Regular difficulty.

Hardened: Same as in Campaign, except during stealth enemies are a good bit more easily alerted.

Veteran: Per Campain, and enemies are alerted by the slightest break in stealth.


Fortress: Military camp in Vietnam, the network of trenches and bunkers helps avoid the constant mortars and MG fire.

(NVA vs USMC, based on SOG)

Tunnels: Tunnel network base in Vietnam, lots of hectic combat in the tight underground confines.

(Viet Cong vs SOG, based on Victor Charlie and Payback)

Cosmodrome: Space launch facility, good for all missions.

(Spetsnaz vs Black Ops, based on Executive Order and Launch)

Mountain: Secret base on a snowy mountain, very equipment-friendly.

(Spetsnaz vs Black Ops, based on WMD and Summit)

Prison: Prison camp in Vietnam, great for “objective” missions.

(NVA vs SOG, based on Hanoi)

Village: Rural village in Vietnam. Good for all sorts of missions.

(Viet Cong vs SOG, based on Victor Charlie)

River: River valley in Laos, perfect for vehicle rampages.

(Viet Cong vs USMC, based on Crash Site and Payback)

Jungle: Small rivers wind their way through this foliage-heavy map, brilliant for stealthy missions.

(Viet Cong vs SOG, based on Victor Charlie)

Kowloon: The crazy blending of rooftops, bridges, corridors and balconies makes for hectic and equipment-friendly missions.

(Spetsnaz vs Black Ops, based on Numbers and Kowloon)

Arctic Base: Secret base in the Arctic Circle. Good for lots of missions.

(Spetsnaz vs Black Ops, based on Discovery)

Missile Base: Hidden missile base in Cuba, lots of indoor and outdoor combat at all ranges.

(Op 40 vs Tropas, based on Crisis)

Missile Silo: Missile base in Siberia, good for most missions and quite vehicle-friendly.

(Spetsnaz vs Black Ops, based on a mix of Countdown, Silo and All In)

Freighter: Battleship disguised as an ocean liner, good assault-oriented missions.

(Spetsnaz vs Black Ops, based on Redemption)

Underwater: Underwater submarine base, lots of fast and fierce combat in this claustrophobic environment.

(Spetsnaz vs Black Ops, based on Redemption)

Cuban Town: Coastal township in Cuba, good for all manner of missions and combat styles.

(Op 40 vs Tropas, based on Havana and Operation 40)

Canal: Dock on the Suez Canal, good for aggressive and stealthy missions.

(Spetsnaz vs Black Ops, based on part 1 of Rebirth)

Oil Field: Oil facility in Egypt, lots of long-range combat.

(Spetsnaz vs Black Ops, based on Fuel)

MACV Compound: Multilevel office building, good for non-stealthy missions.

(NVA vs SOG, based on The Defector)

Hue City: War-torn streets of Vietnam, good door-to-door warfare.

(NVA vs USMC, based on The Defector and Cracked)

Moon: The numerous open spaces in and around this secret Lunar base is ideal for sniping, while the low gravity and use of spacesuits makes for some very unusual gameplay.

(Spetsnaz vs Black Ops, has a similar layout to the bases in Cliffhanger and Discovery)


  • Assault
  • Wave Defence
  • Timed Defence
  • Infiltration
  • Elimination (open)
  • Elimination (stealthy)
  • Capture and Extract (open)
  • Capture and Extract (stealthy)
  • Search and Destroy (open)
  • Search and Destroy (stealthy)


  • Structure
  • Individual
  • Location


  • Rainy/snowy/dusty
  • Bright Sun/moon
  • Heavy fog/blizzard/duststorm

Time of Day

  • Dawn
  • Day
  • Dusk
  • Night


  • Foot (no vehicle)
  • Hind/huey (crew: 1 to 2; gunner and pilot)
  • Spy Plane Recon (crew: 1. Basically like the SR-71 in WMD. The only stealthy vehicle)
  • PBR (crew: 2 to 4; driver, bow gunner, and LAW guys)
  • Jeep (crew: 2 to 4; driver, gunner and passengers, who can get on or off)
  • Tank (crew: 2; driver and gunner)


Note that you only need pick a uniform, you can technically have nothing for any given slot except a knife. But if you want to run around with only a knife go ahead...

  • Primary weapon (can be any weapon except the Grim Reaper, Death Machineor any wonder weapons)
  • Secondary weapon (can be any launcher, handgun, special, dual-wieldable SMG or Shotgun except the KS-23)
  • 2 Grenades (can be any grenade, or a tomahawk)
  • 2 Tactical grenades (can be any tactical grenade or a tomahawk)
  • Equipment
  • Equipment
  • Uniform

Equipment Options

Yes you can pick the same equipment piece twice. Two RC cars or six claymores are perfectly usable.

  • Camera Spike
  • Rappeling lines/ziplines
  • 3Claymores
  • 3 C4 Blocks
  • Extra Ammunition
  • 2 Breaching Charges
  • 1 RC-XD (no timer, can be retieved without blowing up if within 1 foot of you)


Note that uniform/uniform means that the form the option takes will be different depending on faction and/or climate.


  • Bare headed
  • Bandana/beanie
  • Hat
  • Helmet
  • Hood
  • Ghillie hat


  • Bare faced
  • Balaclava/facecloth
  • Face paint
  • Goggles
  • Goggles and balaclava/facecloth


  • Shirtsleeves/jacket
  • Body armour
  • Camo jumpsuit (includes trousers)
  • Ghillie top
  • Bare chested/jumper


  • Normal
  • Camo
  • Ghillie

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