Hey, I was thinking about the blogs regarding what people would like to see in a patch or map pack and it occurred to me that a blog about custom wonder weapons people would like to see in future (or present) zombie maps would see some really epic and wacky ideas come to the fore.

Anyway, here are two I've thought up, both would only come from the Freak Box:

  • DG-5 Todesstrahl: A handheld death ray which has an ammo capacity of 4 shots, 12 in reserve, takes 2 seconds to fire (3 if hipfiring, since the sights have to be brought ip, like a launcher) and has 3 second brief cooldown period before it can be fired again. The upshot is that it fires a raygun-like beam which, while it has poor penetration value, can pass through any number of zombies doing incredible damage, if not killing them. The ultimate weapon for when funneling the zombies down a corridor.

When upgraded it becomes the (still thinking of a name). It is a fairly straight upgrade, with a 6 shot capacity, slightly shorter firing and cooldown period and a wider ray (the normal ray is pretty narrow).

  • Phase Beacon: This piece of kit takes up the claymore slot, and only one can be carried or placed at any given time. Basically, once placed, you can teleport to it (along with the epic teleporter animation) at any time, so it is brilliant for escaping a pinch. Note that each beacon is one-use only and the only way to resupply your beacon is Max Ammo, so use it wisely.

Anyway, what can everyone else come up with?

PS: Please no weapons which automatically end the wave in a single shot and have infinite ammo, that kind of thing isn't even interesting.

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