Since Black Ops was released, there's been alot of rumors, discussion, ... about wether or not Zombies would be included. We know Black Ops will feature a dedicated Co-op mode, but Treyarch won't confirm wether or not it's Zombies (although they've been giving lots of "hints").

Now we also know the Prestige and hardened editions will feature exclusive Co-op maps, again flaring up the rumors around zombies. When asked about these maps, apperantly GameStop "leaked" that they were indeed Zombie maps. So it seems Zombies 've been confirmed. That is, if you trust GameStop. They have been wrong before ...

Your thoughts? What do you think these exclusive maps 'll be?

(Scource on GameStop leaks: The Forums.)

UPDATE: This imageseems the be what "confirms" zombies, according to GameStop.

UPDAT Mk. 2: Best Buy also confirms zombies.

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