Someone on the Black Ops forums suggested that, based on the multiplayer footage (the symbols / ranks shown), there will be around 50 levels in multiplayer.

"Lvl. 22 is Master Gunnery Sergeant (Lvl. 22-24 in CoD4)
Lvl. 25 is 2nd Lieutenant (Lvl. 25-27 in CoD4)
Lvl. 29 is Captain (Lvl. 31-33 in CoD4)
Lvl. 31 is Major (Lvl. 34-36 in CoD4)
Lvl. 32 is Major (Lvl. 34-36 in CoD4)
Lvl. 34 is Lt. Colonel (Lvl. 37-39 in CoD4)
Lvl. 39 is Colonel (Lvl. 40-42 in CoD4)
Lvl. 41 is Brigadier General (Lvl. 43-45 in CoD4)
Based of those observations, I think there will only be 50 levels in CoD:BO. If a Lvl. 41 is a Brigadier General, then the next nine levels only have to cover Major General, Lieutenant General, General, and Commander.
— Black Ops Forums

Link to thread.

What's your opinion on this? Too much? Too few? Too early to speculate?

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