• Sevarg01

    P-A-P Buildables?

    April 26, 2015 by Sevarg01

    Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23: P-A-P name: Thrust-to-die Aero-nycotics Model 935

    Ability: Jet Gun can fire longer and suck in zombies from twice as far. The Jet Gun also will cool down twice as fast when equiped and cool down normally when not. The Jet Gun is also given bigger gauges and the engine is replace with a F-16 engine. The Jet Gun can also be fired in "after burner" mode where any zombies the player sees will get sucked in to the Jet Gun. To activate "after burner" the player simply must tap the fire button twice, however in "after burner mode" the Jet Gun will heat up 3 times as fast.

    Sliqufier: P-A-P name: Stick-qufier Desolver

    Ability: Sliqufier is upgraded with ACOG sights, selectfire module, and a grip and butstock. The sliq…

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  • Sevarg01

    P-A-P Grenade Abilities

    April 25, 2015 by Sevarg01

    Standard Grenade: P-A-P name: Ka-Boom

    Ability: Grenade creates a larger explosion and fragmentates doing 3 times the normal damage. The grenade is also painted black with a white skull and cross bones emblem.

    Semtex Grenade: P-A-P name: noname/ up to you readers

    Ability: Semtex will will create smaller offspring (3 of them that do half of the damage) that will fly from the orginal semtex to stick to other zombies. The semtex is also given a red and grey fire pattern.

    Claymore: P-A-P name: Kill-More

    Ability: Claymore becomes a Spike-more as well as  becoming a explosive shot gun that after the activation will explode and then release several cherry bombs that will kill any crawlers and do tons of damage to zombies. It is also given a nuke emlbem…

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  • Sevarg01

    Starting Knife: P-A-P name: Long Arm.

    Knife befomes a 3 foot long steel kantata that allows the player to kill zombies from long distances safely. insta-kill till round 11.

    Bowie Knife: P-A-P name: Bow Master 2X Knife

    Bowie knife becomes 2 sided and given a jagged edge. Player can knife twice as fast with this knife and will auto knife a extra zombie (if one is close by). During auto knife player can not take any damage (auto knife takes 2 seconds to perform). insta-kill till round 16.

    Galvaknuckles: P-A-P name: Storm Gaunlet.

    Galvaknuckles be come a gaunlet with electrified spikes at the knuckles. hiting zombies with the gaunlet will electrify them as well as the zombies behind and to the sides doing a quarter of the damage done (can hit up to…

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  • Sevarg01

    Perk ideas

    April 24, 2015 by Sevarg01

    perk ideas should be submited itn the following way:

    Perk Name:




    If I like your idea I will post it to this page and add your name.

    Here are some of my perk ideas, like or dislike, comment if any perk needs changing or needs to be removed due to OPness.

    Perk Name: Double Mystery

    Colors: gold and black

    Costs: 3500

    Ability: Player is able to buy mystery box for 850 instead of the normal price of 950, buy mystery box at any box drop location, and the chances of getting a good gun or even a wonder weapon is doubled while the chances of getting a bad gun is halved.

    Perk Name: Dazed Rage

    Colors: clear and red

    Costs: 2000

    Ability: When player is attacked, the zombie and the zombies in the direction of the attacker will be stunned for 2 s…

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