Starting Knife: P-A-P name: Long Arm.

Knife befomes a 3 foot long steel kantata that allows the player to kill zombies from long distances safely. insta-kill till round 11.

Bowie Knife: P-A-P name: Bow Master 2X Knife

Bowie knife becomes 2 sided and given a jagged edge. Player can knife twice as fast with this knife and will auto knife a extra zombie (if one is close by). During auto knife player can not take any damage (auto knife takes 2 seconds to perform). insta-kill till round 16.

Galvaknuckles: P-A-P name: Storm Gaunlet.

Galvaknuckles be come a gaunlet with electrified spikes at the knuckles. hiting zombies with the gaunlet will electrify them as well as the zombies behind and to the sides doing a quarter of the damage done (can hit up to 5 zombies). insta-kill till round 21.

One-inch Punch: P-A-P name: Force to Reckoned With

Ability: Player hand gains a deco in which the veins glow red and blue with gold flecks in between. the player can now charge up their melee wepon to unleash a tornado of wind that lasts 3 seconds from their hand that will blow away and zombies hit by it . To charge up the Force to be Reckoned with the player must hold down the melee button for 3 seconds. If the player does not hold down the melee weapons for 3 or more seconds the player will perform a normal melee. insta-kill till round 18.



Costs: 4500

Ability: deals the damage as the bowie knife but with a longer reach. insta-kill till round 11

P-A-P name: Eco-Unfriendly Machete

Ability: Machete has the the power to burn, freeze, shock, blow back, or perform a normal attack (20% chance for each option listed). insta-kill till round 14


Costs: 7500

Ability: can hit 3 zombies per swing hiting 3 times per each zombie but it is a slow melee weapon (takes 2 seconds to use). insta-kill with one swing till round 18.

P-A-P name: Chain Reapers Scythe.

Ability: Chainsaw becomes a chainsaw scythe of doom cappable of hiting 7 zombies doing 5 hit per each zombie. Scythe can also hit zombies from 2 feet away but swing takes 4 seconds now before player can use it again. inta-kill with one swing till round 26.

To P-A-P ones melee weapon all the player has to do is knife the Pack-a-Punch machine twice within a set period of time (about 3-6 seconds). If a player buys another melee weapon after P-A-P the one they currently have, the new melee weapon will not be P-A-P.

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