Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23: P-A-P name: Thrust-to-die Aero-nycotics Model 935

Ability: Jet Gun can fire longer and suck in zombies from twice as far. The Jet Gun also will cool down twice as fast when equiped and cool down normally when not. The Jet Gun is also given bigger gauges and the engine is replace with a F-16 engine. The Jet Gun can also be fired in "after burner" mode where any zombies the player sees will get sucked in to the Jet Gun. To activate "after burner" the player simply must tap the fire button twice, however in "after burner mode" the Jet Gun will heat up 3 times as fast.

Sliqufier: P-A-P name: Stick-qufier Desolver

Ability: Sliqufier is upgraded with ACOG sights, selectfire module, and a grip and butstock. The sliqufier goo will make zombies slid more and stop player from sliding over it and acid clouds will last twice as long. The sliqufier can be switched t a 3 round burst, but however the shots will not make zombies explode, instead zombies hit will get stuck and any zombie that touches them will also get stuck in the goo.

Turbine/Generator: P-A-P name: Generation X Turbine/Generator

Ability: Turbine/Generator is upgraded with a large wind mill fan, a jet engine tail, and a bronze maniquin with arms and legs. The maniquins arms wrap around the new V-12 engine that the tail and windmill are attached to and is setaed where the maniquins head would be. The Turbine/Generator is so powerful now that any thing in its 6 foot range, even if the object being powered is behind it, in exactly 1 second. Aslo since it produces such enorimus eletrical winds, it will push back zombies and players alike coming from the front away, or keep them at bay, from it.

Zombie Shield: P-A-P name: Aegis Shield

Ability: The shield is based of the more popular origins sheild design and is upgraded with gold plating and a medusa head carving added to the front. The shield is so terrifing that zombies in the sight of the medusa carving will flee from it and in some cases turn to stone for short periods of time. the sheild is also given a coil of lightning bolts when deployed, hurting any zombies that attack it, how ever it will lose its ability to scare zombies away until picked back up and equiped. When equiped by the player it can hit up to 30 zombies before breaking but when deployed it is unbreakable.

Electric Trap: P-A-P name: Shockwave Trap


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