Standard Grenade: P-A-P name: Ka-Boom

Ability: Grenade creates a larger explosion and fragmentates doing 3 times the normal damage. The grenade is also painted black with a white skull and cross bones emblem.

Semtex Grenade: P-A-P name: noname/ up to you readers

Ability: Semtex will will create smaller offspring (3 of them that do half of the damage) that will fly from the orginal semtex to stick to other zombies. The semtex is also given a red and grey fire pattern.

Claymore: P-A-P name: Kill-More

Ability: Claymore becomes a Spike-more as well as  becoming a explosive shot gun that after the activation will explode and then release several cherry bombs that will kill any crawlers and do tons of damage to zombies. It is also given a nuke emlbem on the back.

Bouncing Betty: P-A-P name: Triple Burst Betty

Ability: Betty will jump up and down once 3 times ( jumping every other second) activated, exploding when ever at max height. On the last jump the betty will explode and release 3 frags in random directions. It is also given a black and yellow zebra deco.

Monkey Bomb: P-A-P name: Running Ring Leader

Ability: The monkey is given life and will run away from player leading the zombies away from them. When monkey is about to explode it will run into a corner and wait a second before exploding. In addition the monkey bomb takes less time to activate.

EMP Grenade: P-A-P name: Shockwave Grenade

Ability: EMP is given a larger shock area and will vaporize all  zombies caught in it. However, if the EMP is thrown near the mystery box or the P-A-P machine, it cannot be used for a whole minute. If EMP is thrown near a perk machine the player who thorugh it will lose that perk and that player will not be able to buy that perk until the next round (for other player it is disabled for a minute). It is aslo given a thunderbolt emblem.

Gersch Device: P-A-P name: Flying Black Hole

Ability: Device is given a propeller that when thrown will travel in a striaght line for 6 seconds. During this time the device will suck in all zombies and afetr 4 seconds create a black hole that will suck in any thing from zombies, to bullets, to even player. If a player is sucked into the black hole they will be teleported to another player or to spawn.

Quantom Entanglement Device (QED): P-A-P name: Paid-Aid Enchantment Device (PED)

Ability: Device will now only reward the player with good effects and can be activated quicker. The device also has the chance to revive players, create power-ups, give money, or drop a weapon. It is aslo given a golden ? emblem.

Matryoshka Doll: P-A-P name: Death Mob-Doll

Ability: When activtaed the dolls head will spin and fly above the doll. once dolls head has reached a height of 2 feet it will start throwing frags in random directions (10 frags). after this the head will slam into its body and perform it's normal cluster bomb effect. The dolls face is given a white skull and the entire doll is painted in blood.

Time Bomb: P-A-P name: Paradox Bomb

Ability: Bomb performs its normal effect but for the 3 rounds after bomb was activated zombies will run 20% slower, and player will be able to do anything 20% faster.

G-Strike: P-A-P name: Resenment Probe

Ability: Probe calls in a rolling thunder napolm strike that blows up any zombies in path and set fire to any suvivors and to the path. Probe will also shoot at zombies that get to close to it with missles.

To P-A-P ones grenade the player must simply throw or place it near the front of the Pack-a-Punch machine. Also to P-A-P it costs only 2500 and 4 grenades of that type will given to player every round, or if it is a special explosive it costs 3500 and 2 special explosive of that type will be given to the player every round

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