perk ideas should be submited itn the following way:

Perk Name:




If I like your idea I will post it to this page and add your name.

Here are some of my perk ideas, like or dislike, comment if any perk needs changing or needs to be removed due to OPness.

Perk Name: Double Mystery

Colors: gold and black

Costs: 3500

Ability: Player is able to buy mystery box for 850 instead of the normal price of 950, buy mystery box at any box drop location, and the chances of getting a good gun or even a wonder weapon is doubled while the chances of getting a bad gun is halved.

Perk Name: Dazed Rage

Colors: clear and red

Costs: 2000

Ability: When player is attacked, the zombie and the zombies in the direction of the attacker will be stunned for 2 seconds and will only be activate after a recharge of 6 seconds. Also, when player is close to being downed the player will be given a boost of speed in which zombies hit by player will be stunned and flung away from the player. This boost will only last 5 seconds and will allow the player to run twice as fast, but if player is hit (by anything the player could take damage from) in this phase (regardless of health) the player will be downed.

Perk Name: Forged

Colors: brown and black

Costs: 3000

Ability: Player can carry 2 parts and a buildable or 2 buildables and a part. Also player is able to craft items twice as fast (3 seconds instead of normal 6) and can detect if they are near any parts and where to assemble the parts they have.

Perk Name: Burn Heart

Colors: green, blue, red

Costs: 2500

Ability: Player will not take damage from lava, buyable traps, nova gas, or long range attacks from zombies.

Perk Name: Chain Linked

Colors: blue and white

Costs: 4000

Ability: All bullets fired by player will pierce a quarter of the firing range distance, explosive shots will be given a cluster bomb effect, and already chain shots (such as lightning fired from wunderwaffe) will be able to kill a extra 5 zombies in its chain.

Perk Name: Graved R&R (reborn and revenge)

Colors: yellow and  dark brown

Costs: 3500

Ability: When the player is downed the player will be able to move around faster (as fast as a player can move when crouched without running), also the player will be able to fire the weapon he/she had equipped before they were downed. If player is not revived before they die, then they will become a mummy capable of attacking zombies with last melee weapon and reviving other players. Players in th mummy state can not buy anything or be revived and they will only be a mummy for 1 minute after which they will die. This is a multiplayer perk only and in solo the perk machine will have a door over it that will down the player if they try to buy it repeatedly.

Perk Name: Flash drawroF (forward spelled backwards)

Colors: don't have any/up to you readers

Costs: 3000

Ability: Player can rebuild barricades faster and get 20 points per barricade board fixed, open doors/remove obstacle faster and open it for 5% less, use mystery box faster, P-A-P weapons faster, and even drink perks faster including this one once bought.

Perk Name: Rawhide Taquilla

Colors: brown and red

Costs: 2000

Ability: Player is given a 50% chance to miss a zombies attack, and if successful there is then a 25% the zombie will hurt itself in the process. However if a zombie does land a hit it will do a extra 50% damage to the player and if player is running cause them to stop. Also the player skin becomes charred with and red, and the player eyes become bloodshot.

Perk Name: Demolition Shake

Colors: don't have any/up to you

Costs: 3000

Ability: All explosives will explode on and only on contact with a zombie or another player. In the case of grenades the grenade will stay put until zombie walks near it or until round ends. In the case of RPGs/SPGs the shot will home in on zombies and if it misses it will come around for another pass. In addition all explosives do twice the damage. However all explosives can now hurt allied player and explosives will ignore P.h. D. Flopper’s ability to take no damage from explosives.

Perk Name: Clawed Out

Colors: don't have any/up to you

Costs: 2000

Ability: Player is given a second melee weapon (the exact same as one the player currently has or will have) which allows the player to knife 3 times as fast. Occasionally the player will hit a zombie with both melee weapons and deal 3 times the damage. However the player is more prone to get hit by zombies when knifing and zombies will attack twice as fast.

Perk Name: Panic-demic

Colors: green and orange

Costs: 4000

Ability: Allows player to scare zombies away from them simply by: firing any of their weapons, knifing a zombie, or throwing a grenade. However when player is not doing any of the above actions the zombies will run directly toward the player twice as fast as the normally would, unless the zombie was shot and lost a limb, knifed 3 times or more, or hit by a grenade explosion (crawlers).

Perk Name: Marked Brew

Colors: green and brown

Costs: 3000

Ability: Player weapons are given a blue-green glow and are given a neon green pandemic emblem. Any zombie hit by any of the player weapons will be poisoned and the zombie will emit a black glow. Poisoned zombies will lose 100 health for 10 seconds or until it catches on fire, gets frozen, gets shocked, or gets blown back. If zombie dies while poisoned it has a 15% chance to respawn at full health as a Nova Gas Crawler. Also players weapons will hurt and even down other players if they are not careful with them.

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