Thanks to information I have received from a Youtube commentator, I have found out that the new Assassin perk scheduled to appear in Modern Warfare 3. They will be undetected by UAVs, Portable Radars, Thermal Scopes, Heartbeat Sensors, and the pro version includes immunization to EMPs, Counter UAVs, and the Advanced UAV that works like the Blackbird from Black Ops but doesn't completely stay, it scans like the normal UAV but it shows direction and location. Thanks to the Ghost Perk, multiplayer has been slower paced than ever before. But the Blackbird showed the Ghost useing noobs on the radar balacing out. Before Black Ops, in Modern Warfare 2, about 80% of people didn't use the UAV hider perk making it faster paced and used other perks like Stopping Power and Hardline. Even befor MW2, World At War and CoD 4 almost nobody used the UAV hider perk. Ghost is easely the most powerful and overused perk in Black Ops. Assassin is going to be more helpful than Ghost and everbody will use it. People with ghost tend to camp in building to rack up high killstreaks such as Attack Dogs and Chopper Gunners. The only way to get ride of him or her is to get the Osprey or Chopper Gunner and kill him from there, but you still won't know where he is in the building or in the map.

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