Well, seeing as the riot shield is coming back, what are you experiences with this portable shield?

My favorite exprerience was a two match long epidemic on the maps Terminal and Wasteland.

I was playing with a couple of friends and I guess we landed in a lobby with a full clan. Well, we started on Terminal, and we head off to engage the enemy. However, we couldn't find them. We probably went around the map for three minutes before I decided to go in the aircraft. Well, I go down the sky bridge and as soon as I enter the aircraft, I look in the cockpit. There they were. All six of them, with riot shiels. After taking a few seconds to realize what was going on, I quickly threw a grenade, but they started charge me. And that was that. The entire match consisted of us trying to flank them while they ran at us. It was quite intense. And then there was Wasteland. Okay, so this is a sniper-oriented map, but they still insisted on using riot shields. This time I found them hiding in one of the buildings on the side with the Mi-24. And they started charging us again. However, I racked up enough kills for an AC-130 and if I remember correctly I only died once, and I might have gotten around 42 kills. I think they left after that though unfortunately..

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