We've all heard the famous "Ramirez, do everything!" puns, mocking the fact that Sgt. Foley orders Pvt. Ramirez to do just about everything. There's memes, videos, etc., showing Ramirez asked to perform the most ridiculous of tasks (e.g. taking down a helicopter with a throwing knife). But what else is he being asked to do?

What do you think?

On this blog, you - yes, you! - can leave your own "Ramirez, do everything!" ideas in the comments section. Simply start your comment with "Ramirez!", then leave your idea (for example, "Ramirez! Destroy that BTR using this rubber chicken!"). Your idea can be anything you want.

If you've got any ideas, delve in there and share them with us. Go on, don't be shy!

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