I've been seeing Activision taking a lot of flak recently. I can understand why people are angry with them, but I feel we are overlooking something in particular.

The primary complaint about Activision is that they "only care about money, they don't give a shit about gamers." Well, here's my rebuttal: The whole point of setting up any business - whether it be a multi-million dollar corporation like Activision, or some side-street place selling novelty striptease pens - is to make a profit. Without money, the business is bust. Plain and simple. Also, if you didn't notice, there has been a global bloody recession for the past don't-know-how-long. Did it ever cross your mind that Activision needed the money? Did it?

And no, Activision do not fit into the "don't give a shit" category. If that were the case, they'd refuse to fund anything more than a 2D side-scrolling platform.

So, next time you feel like raging about Activision, imagine you're the CEO. Imagine all the shit you've gotta do to keep the company's head above water. Gamers cannot always be a priority. We're acting like spoiled children - the second we aren't a priority above all others, we start raging.

So really to every Activision hater or ball buster out there, just leave them alone. They've surely got enough on their plates without a side order of ungrateful, whining fans.

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