I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd say that Roach is probably the unluckiest character in the CoD series. At least one bad thing happens to him during every operation (note: I said every OPERATION, not every MISSION). If you doubt me, take a look at this list:


  • Tian Shan Range, Kazakhstan - Lost his grip on a cliff and would have fallen to his death were it not for Soap saving him at the last second.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Missed the jump to Nikolai's Pave Low, pursued across the favela rooftops by a load of angry militia, and forced to make a running jump to the chopper.
  • The Gulag, Russia - Punched out and nearly shot by Captain Price, then hit by falling debris during the escape.
  • Assault on Russian sub base - Landed off-target during a parachute landing, discovered by a BTR and forced to make a hair-raising escape with Price, having to sneak past Russian dog patrols with Price.
  • Makarov's safehouse, Georgian-Russian border - Nearly got his head blown off by a landmine, hit by a mortar shell during the escape, betrayed and killed by Shepherd along with Ghost.

So... anyone agree with me?

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