Fear the CoD bronies, fear them, for they
Have the ruthless cuteness to blow you away,
Don't be fooled by that glittering rainbow-coloured sheen,
For underneath lies a merciless killing machine.

The bronies look innocent, sweet as you like.
They just want to be loved, your heart tender to strike.
You totally love them - dear God, they're so cute!
And then they do something to render that moot.

(Note: This is the point where I got bored and abandoned the rhyming scheme.)

Suddenly, unbelievably, they attack,
Unleashing the full onslaught of brony warfare on you.
There's Rainbow Dash, kitted out with her M249,
Applejack, loaded for bear with her MP5,
Fluttershy charging you with her UMP,
Pinkie Pie brandishing her dreaded AK-47,
High above, Rarity piloting her Apache,
And several other bronies roping in from a Blackhawk.

You battle, you struggle, but to no avail.
The bronies assault you mercilessly,
Making WaW's Veteran mode look like a picnic
As they charge you, snipe you, flank you.
Knowing that you will never last, they move in
To extinguish your last hope of survival
As they deliver the coup de grace
By all firing at you at once,
Laughing and taunting you as you bleed out
And welcome sweet, merciful death...

...and that's when I ragequitted.

Modern Marefare 3

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