I assume we're all familiar with the tactic of camping, right? I understand how it works - staying in one spot, usually above the ground, and picking off enemies from said spot. I can understand that. What I CAN'T understand is why everyone hates it. I mean, you go on YouTube, and watch a vid where some guy is camping, and in the comments section, loads of spelling anarchists, often trigger-happy with the Caps Lock key, go, "OLOLOLOL WYE U WASTIN TIME CAMPING U NOOB". I mean, come on, let's put things into perspective. Which tactic works better - staying in one spot and methodically picking off enemies, or running around like an idiot out in the open like, "Hey, look at me! Easy XP to be had here! Just kill me now!" I pick the former! And, in any case, it's no big deal, just get up there, find the camper, and KILL THE S.O.B.! Don't bitch on the Internet about it! So in conclusion:

Player + running around like a maniac = dead in <10 secs = n00b.

Player + high ground + solid cover = killstreaks and XP = winning = 1337!

So there you have it. I'm taking a gamble by saying this, but ... CAMPERS FTW!!!

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