You know what really gets on my wick about this wiki? Pop-culture! I swear to God, the wiki is absolutely rife with it! For example, back when I was a random IP, I was on the Cpl. Dunn page, and someone wrote that Dunn resembles someone from Saving Private Ryan. What in the name of all that's green and beautiful has THAT got to do with CoD??? So I remove it, get on the talk page, and tell people about it. Then another user (who shall remain nameless) comes along and goes, "What are you talking about? That stuff is fine on this wiki.". Uh, no. If he/she had just bothered to check the WA2000 talk page, they'd get confirmation from an admin that pop-culture ISN'T allowed. And, on a similar note, the WA2000...Christ, who cares if James Bond used it in one of his films, or that it was Agent 47's signature weapon in the "Hitman" series? Jesus...I hope someone supports me on this matter.

Sgt. S.S.

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