If you've been following my comments on blogs (and if you haven't, why not?), then you'll probably know that I'm a huge fan of CoD's single-player. I just love the experience, the story and the gameplay that you get in it.

However, just like everything in life, CoD can always improve itself. These are just a few things that I think could make the campaigns in CoD even cooler than they already are.

1. Improve the enemy AI

The AI in CoD is, ah... how can I put this delicately... well, they're not too bright. Your enemies will gladly take cover in the same spot where one of their buddies got capped by a sniper not ten seconds ago, or they'll charge straight at you in some kind of mad suicide attack. Surely our virtual foes could be a little more intelligent than that? I mean, come on, it's 2013. We have the tech to make CoD's enemies a little smarter, especially since a new CoD engine is apparently in the works.

I think CoD could take some lessons from the Resistance series in this regard. In those games, the Chimera will utilise all sorts of different tactics to take you down, like trying to flank you, or laying down covering fire for their fellow alien monsters. Wouldn't it be cool to see something like that in CoD -- enemies that actively hunt you down, instead of just queuing up for you to kill them?

2. Make the fighting more diverse

Related to the above, both the friendly and enemy AI's tactics should be more than just "point and shoot". We see enemies with attachments like grenade launchers on their weapons all the time, yet... they never use them. Why not?

Let's make it so the enemies actually use those attachments. If you're hiding behind hard cover, instead of just shooting futilely at you, that should be an enemy's cue to try and flush you out with his GL. Again, this would make fighting more challenging and interesting.

3. More open missions

There are times when the missions in CoD can feel very cramped, often shoehorning you into just following a pre-designed path, so that a lot of missions essentially just become one big game of "Follow the Leader". We should have a bit more choice when it comes to pathfinding.

I think the best example of this is "Takedown" in MW2. In that mission, you have all sorts of different routes to take throughout the favela, so you have a lot more options at your disposal -- for example, instead of trying to fight those snipers and RPG-wielding foes, you can just go around them, should you so desire.

That's how all missions should be -- we should be able to choose what path we take to get from A to B. This alone would add a lot of replay value to the campaign.


So, that's how I think CoD could make its campaigns even more awesome. What do you think? Do you have any ideas on how we could make CoD's campaign a truly memorable experience?

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