Some of you may have heard of a user community group on the wiki known as the Alliance to End Firearm Ignorance (hereafter known as the ATEFI). For those who haven't, I shall enlighten you.

The ATEFI are a loose coalition of bureaucratic fools who think that they are better than everyone else because they know more about firearms, and think they can insult/humiliate people for the same reason. It pains me to inform you that some of the members are admins. Admin or not, they are all noobs with a capital "N".

However - I intend to stand up to them. I, Sgt. S.S., as of 2225 hours, February 2nd 2010, am forming a new coalition - Users who Understand that Firearm Ignorance Is Bliss (UUFIIB). All requests for membership should be put on my talk page. This blog article will double as our forum. The comments section will be used to insult ATEFI users, and to discuss tactics to bring them down. And we won't get into trouble, because the ATEFI are doing the EXACT SAME THING!

Join me, and we shall crush the ATEFI as one!


PS: If someone could sort us out (user template, community group, etc.), that would be great.

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