We're all familiar with light machine guns, right? Which of them do you think is best?

a) M240

b) RPD

c) MG4

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then you, sir, are an ignorant prat. All the CoD veterans would have a field day with you. Every good player knows that, when it comes to LMGs, the L86 LSW is the way to go. Look at all its virtues!

  • High ammo capacity.
  • Powerful ammunition.
  • Controllable recoil.
  • Magazine-fed, rather than belt-fed, which means shorter reload times.
  • Perfect for both offense AND defense.

Yes, sir, the Brits sure know what a kickass weapon is. The L86 cannot, I repeat CANNOT, be beat.

If there's any other L86 lovers out there, show your support by leaving a comment. L86 FTW!

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